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Joe Walters _ Training and Boot Camp


My father taught me at an early age that succeeding at anything in life requires determination, hard work, and sacrifice. I remember vividly telling him what my goals were as a lacrosse player. We wrote them down, talked about them, then the real work started. I spent countless hours working on my craft, with the ultimate feeling of accomplishment when a goal that I had set was eventually reached. I know first hand what it takes to become an elite lacrosse player; from the skills, moves, concepts, to the work ethic and commitment. 


As a coach/trainer/teacher of lacrosse, my passion is helping players reach their fullest potential; their goals. I offer 1-on-1 training but typically work in small groups - no more than 5 players. I have found that consistent training in this setting leads to immediate and long-term results and players enjoy working with their teammates/friends.


JW1 Training focuses on:

  • Stickwork

  • Shooting Form/Mechanics

  • Repetition Shooting

  • Dodging

  • Moves off of the Catch

  • Feeding

  • Cutting

  • Interior Shooting

  • Footwork

  • Field & Box 

Workouts are tailored to the player's needs. Training is for all skill levels - beginner through college, boys, and girls. If you would like to schedule training, coordinate a small group, and for details/availability please fill out the form below. 

Let's Work!

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