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"Coach Joe is phenomenal! A true professional with an unmatched level of attention to detail. Joe has worked with my son 1:1 as well as coaching him in small groups. These training sessions are priceless! In a very short period of time, we have seen incredible improvement in both skills and confidence. These types of training sessions don’t happen in a typical team setting. Joe’s not doing this to simply roll a ball out and watch the kids run around. With Joe… every movement is broken down to the finest detail - every step, every inch, no wasted movements. Joe knows what it takes to be great, and it comes across loud and clear with the passion, knowledge and energy he puts into every session. It doesn’t matter the age group… 5th grade or a senior in high school gunning for a D1 scholarship… Joe is a world-class instructor that connects with all kids. My son loves training with JW1 … if it was up to him, he would be out there with Joe 7 days a week!"

-Doug Lane (Dash Lane, 2027)

"We are incredibly fortunate to have our son Andrew train with Joe Walters. Drawing from his own vast pool of knowledge and experience, Joe has provided an outstanding training experience for Andrew, improving all facets of his game from stickwork to dodging to footwork to shooting. Joe has an impeccable eye for detail and is an excellent communicator and motivator, thus allowing Andrew to maximize the feedback he's given. We also greatly appreciate that Joe not only works on the physical aspects of the game but the mental ones as well, taking the time to discuss important topics like decision-making and resilience. Joe also truly cares about his players, always asking how their play is progressing in recent games and tournaments. Andrew looks forward to each and every session with Joe. He loves the training, the work, and the coach!"

-Dan Kao (Andrew Kao, 2028)

“My son Cooper has worked with Joe for the last year and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From a technical standpoint, Joe’s qualifications speak for themselves but his ability to compartmentalize and drill all facets of the offensive game demonstrate his ability not just how to execute but also how to communicate. From the subtle tweaks in mechanics to the introduction of new techniques and skills, Joe’s instruction is easily comprehended. His emphasis on going at game pace with proper mechanics during workouts really stands out. Moreover, my son is able to see all but immediate improvement in the results not just in drills but also in games regardless of the level of competition. I can say with confidence that my son’s sessions with Joe are the highlight of his week. I think that is as much of a reflection of Joe’s character and the bonds he builds with his players. His students walk away from each session feeling confident in their game, confident in themselves on the whole and knowing they have an advocate in Joe who not only can help achieve their goals but truly wants them to achieve their goals. Our family can’t say enough great things about Joe as a person and as a coach.”

-Mac Armstrong (Cooper Armstrong, 2027)

"Our son has been training with Joe for the last 5 years. Joe not only trains and coaches players, but instills life lessons, such as hard work, dedication, and humility. The dedication and passion Joe has drives our son to work hard and grows his love of lacrosse. Our son has grown immensely in his skills and his confidence on the field has significantly improved. The level of instruction, professionalism, and experience that Joe provides is second to none."

-Lindsay Stearns (Braydan Stearns, 2025)

“Before I met Joe I had subpar shooting mechanics. I shot with my arms too close to my body, I didn’t hide my stick, I had a slow-release and I did not incorporate my lower body. In addition, I had flaws in my stick work. I would throw with my hands too far away from my body and I wouldn’t catch the ball with soft hands. A year after starting to work with Joe, I have an almost perfect shooting form and very few if any flaws in my stick work. I now shoot faster, more accurately, and with a much quicker release. Joe also helped me with the mental aspect of the sport. I am a perfectionist, and I would get mad at myself for missing a shot. Joe taught me to play in the moment and move on to the next play. There is no question I would not be the person or lacrosse player I am today without Joe.”

-Nick Marvin (San Diego, CA - Mad Dog National/West, 2024)

"My son has been training with Joe Walters for the past 6 years. He started training with the JW1 Bootcamp sessions to learn correct shooting form. Over the years, that form turned to function, speed, power, accuracy, versatility, and mentorship. You might come for the shooting and dodging work, but what you walk away with is an uncompromising work ethic, and a coach that cares just as much about your personal development. My son walks onto any lacrosse field with the confidence of knowing that he can push himself to rise to any challenge, and that he has the skills to compete."

-Todd Zielke (Steven Zielke, 2022)

"My son has been training with JW1 for over 6 years. Whenever he walks on the field he has the best or as good as fundamentals as the best players on the field. His shooting accuracy is undeniably spot-on as well! If you want your player to learn the proper stick-skill fundamentals so they can be one of the best players if not the best player on the field, that's where it starts. Being a Junior in high school, my son is currently talking with college coaches from across the country and one of the first things they mention is how fundamentally sound his stick-skills are. That’s 100% due to Joe and his JW1 training program. Thanks again Joe!"


-Mike Constable (Alec Constable, 2022)

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